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One hour a day 122: Podcast on TypeScript

Another great one, .NET Rocks episode 930, TypeScript in Studio 2013 with Bill Wagner. TypeScript is a part of Visual Studio 2013 and Bill talks about that and also about the challenges of building maintenable Javascript and how TypeScript makes... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 18: Podcast on TypeScript

After the podcast with Jeremy Likness yesterday about TypeScript and Angular I wanted to learn more about TypeScript so I'm continuing down that track. I had another podcast in my queue, .NET Rocks! episode 897, TypeScript and more with Chris... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 17: Podcasts on SPA, Public Speaking, TypeScript and Angular

This is the second of the SPA podcasts I've been listening to, Yet Another Podcast episode 96, John Papa on SPA and Public Speaking. Just as the last one it's John Papa, the creator of the SPA templates, who talks... Continue Reading →

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