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One hour a day 82: Podcast on the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit

Today I listened to PowerScripting Podcast episode 245, Dan Cunningham on the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit. The PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit simplifies deploying application. It sounds like a good replacement for MSI because of the extra features.

One hour a day 67: Podcast on DSC and Stack Overflow

Today it was another "not code" podcast in my ears. It's PowerScripting Podcast episode 242, Steven Murawski and Geoff Dalgas on DSC and Stack Overflow. It's great to hear how large applications are made. Stack Overflow is the largest website... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 35: Podcast on PowerShell Deployment Toolkit

I went out of my comfort zone today and listened to PowerScripting Podcast episode 239, Rob Willis from Microsoft on the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit. This podcast is mainly for system administrators I think. I wasn't sure if I was going... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 19: Podcast on scriptcs and PowerShell

Today I went back to scriptcs, this time for the PowerScripting Podcast episode 238, Glenn Block & Jim Christopher on scriptcs. It was great to hear a discussion comparing PowerShell and scriptcs. Glenn and Jim talk about what and when... Continue Reading →

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