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One hour a day 61: Podcast on Async, Parallelism and Learning

After yesterdays podcast on Async and Parallelism I wanted to hear more so I'm listened to .NET Rocks episode 881, Async, Parallelism and Learning with Jon Skeet at NDC. Nice to hear a little more about Async and Parallelism one... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 60: Podcast on Async and Parallelism

With .NET 4.5 there's a lot of talk about Async so I'm going back to .NET Rocks episode 785, Lucian Wischik Enlightens Us on Async and Parallelism. After listening to Katleen Dollard the other day I wanted to hear more... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 55: Podcast on .NET 4.5

Today I looked in the archives and found a podcast from June, .NET Rocks episode 877, Kathleen Dollard Looks at .NET 4.5 Beyond Async. The big thing about .NET 4.5 that everybody talks about is Async. But there is a... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 28: Podcasts on Git and Asynchronous programming

Another day with two shorter podcasts. First out is Yet Another Podcast episode 105, Phil Haack on using Git. I listened to another Git talk with Phil Haack the other day, then more about the organization at GitHub and today... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 12: Podcast on Edge.js

Next podcast in my queue was Herding code episode 166, Tomasz Janczuk on Edge.js. There are a lot of things done better in node and some are better in .NET. For example ADO.NET is the best choice when connecting to... Continue Reading →

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