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Building SPA with KnockoutJS and ASP.NET MVC

Not only am I learning stuff "one hour a day" but I also go to seminars, learn things at work, read books and watch learning videos. Last night I went to a seminar arranged by SWENUG (Swedish .NET User Group)... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 23: Podcasts on Internationalization and Hacking .NET

Today it's two podcasts and the first one is Yet Another Podcast episode 82, Guy Smith-Ferrier on Internationalization. I would love to not have to think about internationalization but the reality is that it's important. For me, who's from Sweden,... Continue Reading →

ASP.NET MVC Community Part 1: Create project and DB-model

After doing some reading on ASP.NET MVC I'm ready to start trying it out for myself. When I'm learning new stuff I want to have a real project to work on. During the past 10 years I have been working... Continue Reading →

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