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Podcast Tip 83: Microservices

Today my tip is Software Engineering Radio episode 213, James Lewis on Microservices, length 62:52.Do you remember SOA, Service Oriented Architecture? It was scorching hot a while back but somehow the implementation of it was wrong. Well, now it's kind... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 82: Web Apps with Dojo

Tip of the day is .NET Rocks episode 1059, Building Web Apps with Dojo with Michael Van Sickle, length 52:50.The Dojo Toolkit has been around since 2006. It's a framework to build web applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 81: AtScript

Today's tip is Adventures in Angular episode 17, AtScript with Miško Hevery, length 31:58.Miško talks about AtScript, a new language from Google that enhance JavaScript. It sounds a lot like TypeScript and CoffeeScript. Maybe worth taking a look at in... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 80: Ionic Framework

Tip of the day is JavaScript Jabber episode 126, The Ionic Framework with Max Lynch and Tyler Renelle, length 59:28.Oh, another JavaScript framework, new ones every week. Actually, Ionic sounds really great. It's a front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile... Continue Reading →

Podcasts Week of Dec 8, 2014

During my one year experiment of One hour a day I've collected a nice list of shows that I listen to. There are so many good shows out there and not enough time to listen to all of them. The... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 79: AngularJS 1.3 and 2.0

Today's tip is Adventures in Angular episode 16, NG 1.3 and 2.0 with Brad Green, Igor Minar, and Miško Hevery, length 54:31.With Angular 2.0 on the way and 1.3 just released there are a lot of questions about what 2.0... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 78: ASP.NET vNext, Tag Helpers and SignalR

Tip of the day is Herding Code episode 198, Herding Code 198: Damian Edwards on ASP.NET vNext, Tag Helpers and SignalR, length 48:50.Damian talks about what's new in ASP.NET vNext. We'll have cross platform, core CLR, a cool thing called... Continue Reading →

Weekly Show Tip – DimeCasts

I find new shows all the time. Some of them doesn't fit into my playlist right now but you might like them so every Thursday I will post a new show that I've found.This week it's a resurrection. seems... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 77: Backend as a Service

Today my tip is JavaScript Jabber episode 129, BaaS with Ryan Done, length 54:45.The guys give a very good runthrough of what BaaS is, how to use it and what's available for you as a developer.

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