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Pluralsight: Play by Play: EF Core 1.0: First Look

I'm continuing my dive into Pluralsight's .NET Core courses, this time with Play by Play: EF Core 1.0: First Look by Geoffrey Grosenbach and Julie Lerman. This is a quick, 1:32 h, runthrough on EF Core 1.0 where Julie show how... Continue Reading →

Pluralsight: Building Your First API with ASP.NET Core

I've started my transition into ASP.NET Core with some Pluralsight courses. First I went through ASP.NET Core Fundamentals and Understanding ASP.NET Core and now I've checked out Building Your First API with ASP.NET Core by Kevin Dockx. Just as the... Continue Reading →

Pluralsight: Understanding ASP.NET Core

I previously checked out the ASP.NET Fundamentals course on Pluralsight and now I went through Understanding ASP.NET Core by Roland Guijt. This course is not a hands-on course as Fundamentals. Instead Roland show us how to build an ASP.NET Core... Continue Reading →

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