I’m continuing my dive into Pluralsight’s .NET Core courses, this time with Play by Play: EF Core 1.0: First Look by Geoffrey Grosenbach and Julie Lerman.

This is a quick, 1:32 h, runthrough on EF Core 1.0 where Julie show how to get started with EF Core. If you’ve watched some of the ASP.NET Core courses you have already seen some of EF Core but Julie goes a bit deeper.
This is a great demo setting up a Web API with EF Core, Migrations, how to seed the database and use unit testing.

One of the coolest thing though is the InMemory database cababilities. She shows how to easily use it in testing but I think there might come up some great uses for it.

One awesome thing with this course is not only EF Core but also the environment Julie is using. She truly show off the cross platform capabilities of EF Core, and .NET Core, building the demo on a Mac, creating it with Yeoman, coding in Visual Studio Code and building with the command line towards a PostgreSQL database. But not only that, she also show how to deploy it in Docker.

Right now Julie is working on her next Pluralsight course where she’ll really show off EF Core. Can’t wait!

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