After a few days with fever and a cold all the impressions and thoughts after SLUSH 2016 in Helsinki have sunk in. It was my first time at SLUSH and it was awesome! This is really the place to be if you’re an entrepreneur, no matter if you’re seeking venture capital today or just want to make connections and get inspired by other entrepreneurs.

The talks, the events, the parties, are all very well organized. There are also a lot of side events arranged by companies and organizations that might be interesting for you. You have a chance to listen to people like Chris Sacca, Niklas Zennström, Daniel Ek, Joel Spolsky, Ilkka Paananen and many many more, and even talk to them.


In our case we just closed a round and are not looking for venture capital until next year. But we took this opportunity to look around, get a feel of the playing field. We got a lot of great connections and have follow-up meetings arranged for the Spring when we start preparing for our next round. There’s no better time to look for investors when you don’t need the money.


We joined The Swedish Hotspot at SLUSH and started with a network dinner at the Swedish Embassy the night before the official opening. Great evening with investors and startups. They also arranged an investor lunch where we had a chance to talk to about 40 differenct vc firms and angel investors.

So what should you think about if you go to SLUSH next year?

Plan ahead!
Use the matchmaking tool to get meetings with the investors you want. These 30 minute meetings where in my opinion the most valuable.
Look through all the side events and see if there are anything relevant to you.
See if there are any organization in your country, like Swedish Hotspot in Sweden, to join. You will get extra exposure and hopefully some valuable side events through that.

We’re definitely going there again next year, will I see you there?