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December 2016

Pluralsight: Play by Play: Docker for Web Developers with John Papa and Dan Wahlin

In the EF Core course Julie Lerman used Docker. I've heard a lot about it the past years and played with a little but now it's starting to get interesting. So I watched Play by Play: Docker for Web Developers... Continue Reading →

Pluralsight: Play by Play: EF Core 1.0: First Look

I'm continuing my dive into Pluralsight's .NET Core courses, this time with Play by Play: EF Core 1.0: First Look by Geoffrey Grosenbach and Julie Lerman. This is a quick, 1:32 h, runthrough on EF Core 1.0 where Julie show how... Continue Reading →

Amazing days at SLUSH 2016

After a few days with fever and a cold all the impressions and thoughts after SLUSH 2016 in Helsinki have sunk in. It was my first time at SLUSH and it was awesome! This is really the place to be... Continue Reading →

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