I’ve started my transition into ASP.NET Core with some Pluralsight courses. First I went through ASP.NET Core Fundamentals and Understanding ASP.NET Core and now I’ve checked out Building Your First API with ASP.NET Core by Kevin Dockx.

Just as the first two this is a beginner level course so I went through this pretty quick at 2X speed and I jumped ahead a few times. The reason I took this course as well is that I like to get different approaches this early in my process and this course is specific towards building an API.

The course introduce some more detail on API creation and Entity Framework Core as well as a different ways of doing things.

Since my development time the past years have been way too low, and most of it being server side, I got a great understanding on handling HTTP in the API. I’ve never tried HttpPatch, HttpDelete and such before, only Post and Get. There’s also some good insights in how to handle content types and how to return results. Basics for many, very good for me.

There’s a course from Shawn Wildermuth, Building a Web App with ASP.NET Core, MVC 6, EF Core, and Angular, that looks very interesting. It’s a 9+ hour course that I believe goes in to much more detail, building a complete web app, introducing Angular. But I’ll save that one for later and continue into a more detailed look at Entity Framwork Core.

For now I’ll cherry pick from the three different courses to find my “best practices”, because as always, how many ways can you code something? As many ways as there are developers.

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