There’s always time to listen to podcasts or audio books.

For the past few years I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts. It all started with me giving myself a challenge to spend on average one hour a day learning something new. I had a pretty long commute so it ended up being only podcasts. You can read the summary here. I have a list of the podcasts I listened to in that post.

After that I continued my podcast listening and started Podcast Tip and even though I stopped posting here in the blog I’ve continued listening to podcasts and just passed 1000 episodes since January 2015. I’ve started to listen at 1.5X speed so I go through a lot when walking, working out, driving and such. The higher speed helps me concentrate on the content instead of my thoughts running away from me.

When I started I downloaded all episodes as mp3 and used Spotify to sync them to my phone. Now I’m using Podcaster in my iPhone to find and listen. The shows I listen to have changed some so here is my current list. I’m not only listening to development podcasts but also shows on startups and entreprenurship since I’m building up a company.


Adventures in Angular
Coding Blocks
.NET Rocks
Gone Mobile Podcast
Herding Code
JavaScript Jabber
Merge Conflict
Microsoft Cloud Show
MS Dev Show
Programming Throwdown
RunAs Radio
Software Engineering Radio
The Azure Podcast
Yet Another Podcast

Startups & Entreprenurship
StartUp Podcast
Startups For the Rest of Us
The Twenty Minute VC
The Pitch
This Week in Startups

Startups & Entreprenurship in Swedish

Den Digitala Draken

A big thanks to all of you for giving so much to the community and to all the guests who have shared their knowledge and experience on all the shows!

Do you have any recommendations for good shows to listen to?