I’ve started to look at ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core, going through some Pluralsight courses. In the first one I noticed that I couldn’t get EF migrations to work and I couldn’t understand why but didn’t have time to take a deeper look.
Now I’ve started with my own project using .NET Core and I get the same problem. This time I had to solve the problem and I did.
When installing the nuget packages they are placed in your Windows user folder. All good but when adding packages in the tools section in project.json I noticed that Visual Studio looked for the EF Core Tools nuget package in the Windows user folder as well but this time hard coded to C:\Users\… If you have a non-english Windows 10 this will cause a problem. For some reason I had Swedish in my virtual development machine and my folder is named C:\Användare\…

Changing system language in Windows was as I remember impossible, or maybe I never tried, but not it’s easy. I just followed this guide http://www.windowscentral.com/how-properly-change-system-default-language-windows-10 and after a restart my user folder was moved to C:\Users\… and my Windows 10 was in English.

Now my Visual Studio can find nuget packages that are in the tools section and all is well.

So me installing a Swedish will not happen again.