Pluralsight is an e-learning company where you can learn everything about development and more to a low cost. The best of the best are creating courses just for you.
Through Microsoft Visual Studio Dev Essentials you get three months Pluralsigt for free so I’m using that to learn some new stuff and try to get a better habit learning even more.

There’s a lot going on at Microsoft and the latest for us web developers is ASP.NET Core. To get some live experience I started with the course ASP.NET Core Fundamentals by Scott Allen. Scott is an awesome developer and have done a lot of nice stuff through the years.

This course show you the basics, not only for ASP.NET Core but also how to use MVC, Entity Framework, Identity Framework and frontend frameworks with Core. If you already know those things you’re probably better off selecting a more advanced course for ASP.NET Core or look through examples online. But it’s also a great refresher course and it gives you the knowledge how to get started with ASP.NET Core.

One thing to point out. When I got to the Entity Framwork part I had problems getting EF migrations to work. I can’t get the tools to work. I have preview3 and in the tutorial it’s preview2. Let me know if you get this to work.

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