It’s October 2016 and there haven’t been any activity on my blog since December 2014.
So what happened? Life happened!

Where should I start, there’s been a lot of things happening both personal and professional. In the Fall of 2014 my relationship ended, I sold the house I lived in for 12 years and on New Years Eve that year I moved to an apartment. I turned my life upside down completely and started over. I quit my job and joined a dear friend in his startup, got a new car (after 12 years) and have had a lot of fun with friends and family since then.

Back to the professional part of my life. After working as a consultant in Stockholm for 17 years, the last 10 with a 3-4 hours a day commute, I decided that I had two choices. I either move from Katrineholm to Stockholm or start my own company in Katrineholm so I don’t have to commute anymore. Suddenly I was presented with a third option. A childhood friend needed a technical partner in his startup, Byggvarulistan, I joined him in April 2015 and it’s been an awesome ride so far.


Byggvarulistan is a price comparing site for building material in Sweden. It targets private consumers but we’re also building B2B services and we have an exciting time ahead of us. This year we’ve started our expansion into Norway.
Building a company is a fantastic experience. We get to use all that knowledge we’ve gathered through our career and also get to learn new things from our partners.

On a technical note, being a hardcore Microsoft .NET developer I inherited a platform built with Python, Django and Postgresql on Linux. That has been very different experience but it made me grow as a developer. It’s easy to stay in our comfort zone but important to push our boundaries sometime. I still do a lot of .NET on the side and also when building new services and features, but it’s a lot of Python, business development, marketing, and more fun stuff.

How about those podcasts? Well, I’ve kept on listening, just passed 1000 podcasts episodes since my last post. I’ll share some show recommendations shortly.

Porträtt Byggvarulistan