During my one year experiment of One hour a day I’ve collected a nice list of shows that I listen to. There are so many good shows out there and not enough time to listen to all of them. The ones I listen to I present in my Podcast Tip but I will also post a weekly list of the shows I find every Sunday evening. Just in time for you to download and prepare for your weekly commute. Some of them will appear in my Podcast Tip when I’ve listened to them.
These are both audio and video shows.

Here is this week’s treasure trove. Enjoy!

Technology and Friends episode 347, Charlie Chapman and Azhar Salahuddin on Azure Notification Hubs (video)
.NET Rocks episode 1071, Hexagonal Architectures in .NET with Ian Cooper
Startups For the Rest of Us episode 214, Our Goals For 2015
Visual Studio Toolbox, User Interfaces in WPF (video)
Software Engineering Radio episode 216, Adrian Cockcroft on the Modern Cloud-based Platform
RunAs Radio episode 398, Powershell Everywhere with Sean Kearney
.NET Rocks episode 1072, Chrome Developer Tools with Shay Friedman
JavaScript Jabber episode 137, &yet with Henrik Jorteg and Phil Roberts
Visual Studio Toolbox, Bing Developer Assistant Update
The Changelog episode 134, Open Sourcing .NET Core with the Microsoft .NET team
.NET Rocks episode 1073, Starting a Software Business with Liam Westley
Adventures in Angular episode 20, Structuring Code in an AngularJS App with Dan Wahlin
Hanselminutes episode 453, Web Animation Foundations, Today and Tomorrow with Rachel Nabors
MS Dev Show episode 34, Real Developer Potpourri with Trish Curry
This Week on Channel 9, From Miami, with Minecraft, Flight Simulator X, Candy Crush, bitcoins, oh, and some dev stuff too…