During my one year experiment of One hour a day I’ve collected a nice list of shows that I listen to. There are so many good shows out there and not enough time to listen to all of them. The ones I listen to I present in my Podcast Tip but I will also post a weekly list of the shows I find every Sunday evening. Just in time for you to download and prepare for your weekly commute. Some of them will appear in my Podcast Tip when I’ve listened to them.
These are both audio and video shows.

Here is this week’s treasure trove. Enjoy!

.NET Rocks episode 1065, Testing Software using PEX
Startups For the Rest of Us episode 212, How to Prioritize Feature Requests
Visual Studio Toolbox, Modern App Development (video)
Stack Exchange episode 61, The “What Jay’s Done Wrong” Podcast
.NET Rocks episode 1066, The New Digital Watch with Jon Stark
RunAs Radio episode 396, The Future of SDN with Tom Hollingsworth
JavaScript Jabber episode 135, Smallest Federated Wiki with Ward Cunningham
Visual Studio Toolbox, Connected Services (video)
Technology and Friends episode 344, Scott Allen on Managing Large AngularJS Projects (video)
Technology and Friends episode 345, TAMUHack User Stories (video)
.NET Rocks episode 1067, Adding Search to Your Applications with Itamar Syn-Hershko
NodeUp episode 77, A Testing Show at CampJS
Adventures in Angular episode 18, Style Guides
Hanselminutes episode 451, Comics, Creativity, Computers and Secret Coders with Gene Luen Yang
The Changelog episode 132, Buckets CMS on Node.js with Dave Kaneda
MS Dev Show episode 32, App Design for Monetization with Atley Hunter