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October 2014

Podcast Tip 47: Web Essentials and SideWaffle

First tip of this week is MS Dev Show episode 23, Web Essentials and SideWaffle with Mads Kristensen, length 82:26.Mads Kristensen pops up once in awhile in different shows and bring some great updates to his great tool Web Essentials... Continue Reading →

Podcasts Week of September 29, 2014

One day late since I've spent a long weekend in Greece on a conference with Avega Group. My colleagues are absolutely brilliant and it's an amazing company to work for.During my one year experiment of One hour a day I've collected... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 46: Node and sails.js

My tip today is .NET Rocks episode 1038, Node and sails.js with Mike Hostetler, length 52:31.Node seems to be growing in popularity and even though I still haven't looked into it too much it looks cool and I know I'll... Continue Reading →

Weekly Show Tip – CodeChat

I find new shows all the time. Some of them doesn't fit into my playlist right now but you might like them so every Thursday I will post a new show that I've found.Here's a show about all things coding... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 45: More CSS Than JavaScript

Today my tip is .NET Rocks episode 1039, More CSS Than JavaScript with Trevan Hetzel, length 53:34.Trevan talks about how he uses CSS for a lot of things that we usually use JavaScript for. It's pretty amazing the stuff you... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 44: Choosing a JavaScript Framework

Tip of the day is Hanselminutes episode 441, Choosing a JavaScript Framework with Craig McKeachie, length 33:53.Scott talk to Craig about his new book, The JavaScript Framework Guide, and how to choose a JavaScript framework. There are so many frameworks... Continue Reading →

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