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October 2014

Podcast Tip 54: Backbone.js and Marionette.js

Tip of the day is Front-End Developer Cast episode 1, Backbone.js and Marionette.js with Derick Bailey, length 43:28.Went back to the first episode where Derick give us a great view of what Backbone.js and his companion framework Marionette.js are. This... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 53: Roslyn

Today my tip is .NET Rocks episode 1035, Diving Deep Into Roslyn with Kathleen Dollard, length 55:37.Roslyn, or C# 6.0 as it will probably known, is coming but we don't know when. Probably first half of next year I think.... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 52: Xbox Music API

Tip of the day is Windows Developer Show episode 163, Oui Oui, length 46:07.In this episode the Lowdermilks have Damien Auroux, senior developer for the Xbox Music API, as a guest. He talks about how you can use the api... Continue Reading →

Podcasts Week of Oct 6, 2014

During my one year experiment of One hour a day I've collected a nice list of shows that I listen to. There are so many good shows out there and not enough time to listen to all of them. The... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 51: Technology Stacks

Tip of the day is Coding Blocks episode 17, Got Any Hot Stacks?!, length 59:01.Chosing a tech stack for your next project is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider. First of all, what are... Continue Reading →

Weekly Show Tip – The Garage Series for Office 365

I find new shows all the time. Some of them doesn't fit into my playlist right now but you might like them so every Thursday I will post a new show that I've found.If you're using Office 365, or thinking... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 50: AngularJS 2.0 plans

Tip of the day is Adventures in Angular episode 9, ng 2.0 plans with Rob Eisenberg, length 54:38.After his work with Caliburn and Durandal, Rob Eisenberg is the perfect fit for the Angular team. He's working on the upcoming 2.0... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 49: ASP.NET MVC 5

My tip today is Yet Another Podcast episode 133, Jon Galloway on ASP.NET, length 32:40.Jon and Jesse talk about ASP.NET MVC 5.

Podcast Tip 48: The Biology of UI

Today's tip is .NET Rocks episode 1027, The Biology of UI with Mark Miller, length 61:05.Very interesting discussion with a different take on UI. Mark discuss the biology behind how we see and percieve.

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