Today I’ll give you two tips since I’ve had some extra time and also have a lot of shorter shows. Both are from the Gone Mobile archive, first it’s episode 11, Portable Class Libraries (PCL’s) with James Montemagno, length 38:33.
Since I’m going mobile this week I felt that this one was a good follow-up to yesterday’s show on Xamarin.Forms. James talk about PCL’s and how they make it possible to run .NET code on all devices using them. This is awesome and Microsoft is really on the right track.

The second one is episode 14, Building Apps on the Cheap, length 36:32.
Starting building apps often have a lot of cost. It can be tools, cloud services and so on. But if you look around you can get the cost down and when you’re apps start to generate money you can let your need decide what you should spend more money on. Kevin Knoop share his experience on how to build apps on the cheap. He’s using Digital Ocean for a small and cheap cloud server, Fiverr for design, Urban Airship for push and App Annie for free analytics. If you look around you will find a bunch of other services for free or cheap that will fulfill all your needs.