In the previous post about my information flow I mentioned that I’m using Microsoft OneNote. That has only been for the past 8 months and before that I used Evernote.

I used Evernote for a long time and I liked it. It’s a great application for note taking but I felt that something was missing. I was using Microsoft OneNote before and the reason I moved to Evernote was because of the mobile apps for iPad. But since then things have changed. Now there are awesome apps for OneNote as well.

As I said, Evernote is great but the way OneNote is built up suits my way of note taking better. I like being able to add content in different areas of a note, tables work better in OneNote and I like the structure with sections and pages.

The problem I ran into was how to move all my notes from Evernote to OneNote.
First I found MobileNoter Ever2One converter but somehow it couldn’t authorize Evernote so that was a bust. Then I found some advice on how to emai notes from Evernote to Outlook and send it to OneNote but then you have to take one a time or they are put together to one note. Having a couple of thousand notes that is not an option.
One solution was EverToOne but it didn’t move inserted images and I have a lot of those.

Finally I found OneGems Onenote batch. Suddenly everything worked and I had all my notes in OneNote. What did not work was encrypted notes so those I had to decrypt first, or move manually. Linking between notes did not work either but when I’m in a note with an old link I can quickly change that to a correct one.

After being back in OneNote for more than six months I’m happy as I can be. My note taking is improved and better organized. This is a very personal opinion and you should do what works for you.
Two things that I’m missing in OneNote though. First of all sorting my pages. If I have a lot of pages in a section I would like to be able to sort them by created, updated, or title. The second thing is the possibility to encrypt single pages, you can only encrypt a section. But I can live with that.

Over all I’m very happy with my move to OneNote 2013. I like the features and I’m comfortable with the Office interface. I know that a lot of people prefer Evernote and the choice is as always your own.