Today’s tip is .NET Rocks episode 1023, Thinking in DDD with Julie Lerman and Steve Smith, length 1:03:34.
It’s been 10 years since DDD, Domain-Driven Design, emerged. I bought Eric Evans book 6 years ago and I really like the principle. The book is a bit hard to get through and it was hard to find real examples with code. Later I have also checked out InfoQ’s Domain Driven Design Quickly and Jimmy Nilsson’s book, Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns in order to get a better understanding with some samples and code . Unfortunately the projects I’ve been working on since haven’t really had the need for DDD, or there haven’t been any possibility to introduce it. But I still have DDD in the back of my head when I design something.
In this show Julie and Steve talk about what DDD is and it’s a really good and interesting talk. They also have a 4 hour Pluralsight course, Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals, that is on my todo list.
In November I’m leaving for a new assignment, don’t know what it is yet but I wouldn’t mind if it’s to architect and develop a new application with the possibility to use DDD.