As you may have noticed I’ve done a “one hour a day” experiment for a year. That hour have been spent on listening to podcasts but there are many other channels of information in my life.

I love RSS. I used Google Reader as my reader and when Google shut it down I moved to Feedly. I subscribe on sites and blogs with news, programming, photography, tech, food, music, movies and much more. I’m using Feedly in my desktop browser, on my phone and on my tablet. When I find something interesting that I don’t have time to read right away I send it to Instapaper.

Social networks is a wealth of information, if you find it in the tidal wave of crap. I use Twitter and Facebook and interesting information I find I once again send to Instapaper if I don’t read it right away.

As you may have understood from my one year experiment I love podcasts. It’s a great source of information in order to keep up to date with what’s going on in the industry. I listen mainly to programming shows.

Through work we have a company subscription for Pluralsight and if you haven’t checked it out you should. The videos are totally awesome and they have subscriptions from $29 a month. You can find almost anything and the high quality makes it one of the best sources online today.

When push comes to shove Google/Bing has it’s place on top. What do you do when you think of something and need information about it? You google it, or bing it or whatever.

I mentioned Instapaper. It’s a place to save all these web pages you don’t have time to go through. However, it’s important to have a routine of going through what you find. Otherwise you’ll end up with hundreds or thousands of bookmarks and you will never have time to catch up. I’ve had periods where I used folders in Instapaper and sorted my bookmarks but that only made the problem invisible until I opened the folders. Instead I’m right now trying to add an Instapaper cleanup in my weekly routine.

Web pages worth saving I send to OneNote. That way I can have everything I need available offline and if something would ever disappear (yeah right) I still have the information I want. I’m happy with my organisation in OneNote right now and I can easily find everything I need. I won’t go more into detail right now but one big advantage for me is that when I want to study on a specific study I can make an overview/planning page and link to all the relevant OneNote notes I need. It works great for me.

All in all this makes kind of a double funnel. First I find articles and podcasts through my RSS feed in Feedly, I find information through search engines and social networks. I save those that fit my interest, some for a deep dive and some for reference for later. After that I listen to podcasts for the subjects I’m interested in right now, I watch videos on Pluralsight and I go through tutorials. I then save the information and study notes for reference in OneNote and sometimes write in my blog.

The biggest problem I have is information overload. There is too much out there!

How do you get your information?