Today’s tip is NodeUp episode 67, A Breach Show, length 55:12.
Breach is a modular browser built in JavaScript and running on NodeJS. It uses the ExoBrowser which is a scriptable platform designed to ease the experimentation with new concepts. The whole concept is interesting and I see some practical ways to apply it in apps.

Now, it sounds a bit too much that the goal is to make it a mainstream browser to compete with Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and so on. Do we really need more browsers like that? Isn’t the market fragmented enough?

What I would like to see though is a concept browser for development where a module would implement the upcoming EcmaScript 6 standards as they are developed and maybe even the possiblity to embed that browser into mobile apps. That way we have a cool development tool for building future killer apps. It might be impossible but I choose to be naive for awhile and dream.