One year ago I felt that I needed to catch up at what’s going on in development and technology. I started an experiment where I would spend at least one hour a day learning something new. My first thought would be that it would be podcasts, blog posts, articles, books, tutorials and so on but with my long commute I spend so much time where I can’t do anything but listen so the one hour a day ended up being podcasts. I have spent time doing other stuff as well but have been bad blogging about it. Improving my blogging is a goal for the upcoming year.

I’ve learned a lot during this year. First of all the crazy development going on in JavaScript. The speed new frameworks coming out is amazing and it’s impossible to stay on top of it all. It’s also exciting to see how Internet of Things is growing hotter and hotter and it’s awesome how cross platform mobile development have evolved during the year.

I will keep listening to podcasts, it’s a great routine and there’s always time to listen and learn. I’ve done it while walking, working out, renovating at home or just resting.
My next segment in my blog will be Podcast Tip. I will not strive to have one per day though. First of all I don’t need the pressure on weekends, vacation or when I’m just plain busy and I also have a couple of audio books I want to listen to. There will probably be 3-5 per week so stay tuned if you want some good shows to listen to. I have a long list of shows I haven’t had time to listen to and there are a lot coming out each week. Me blogging about it is mostly for myself for reference but if anyone get any value from it it’s great.

There are so many wonderful people out there spending there time to give us great content. They share their knowledge and gather information for us to enjoy and learn from.
The shows I’ve been listening to are the following. Some of them I’ve only listened to one or two times but I have saved a long list of shows for the future:

.NET Rocks
MS Dev Show
Coding Blocks
Windows Developer Show
JavaScript Jabber
Yet Another Podcast
Herding Code
Startups for the Rest of Us
RunAs Radio
PowerScripting Podcast
Software Engineering Radio
Radio TFS
The Changelog
The Stack Exchange Podcast
Hello World Podcast
Software Test Podcast

A big thanks to all of you for giving so much to the community and to all the guests who have shared their knowledge and experience on all the shows!