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August 2014

Podcasts Week of August 25, 2014

During my one year experiment of One hour a day I've collected a nice list of shows that I listen to. There are so many good shows out there and not enough time to listen to all of them. The... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 18: Continuous Delivery

My tip today is .NET Rocks episode 1026, Continuous Delivery with Daniel PiessensI think most of us would like a good CD process in place. Daniel talks about building continuous delivery solutions, differences between continuous integration, deployment and delivery and... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 17: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers

Tip of the day is Startups For the Rest of Us episode 199, Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers with Gabriel Weinberg, length 27:54.Gabriel talk about his book, Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers, and share his thoughts... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 16: ID@Xbox

Today it's the Windows Developer show episode 160, We're Back!.The Lowdermilk brothers are finally back after a two month hiatus and they start with a bang. Chris Carla, Director of ID@Xbox is the guest and he talks about Microsoft's Independent... Continue Reading →

Weekly Show Tip – SQL Server Radio

I find new shows all the time. Some of them doesn't fit into my playlist right now but you might like them so every Thursday I will post a new show that I've found.Here is a tip for all DBA's,... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 15: Using AngularJS to build a Portal

Today my tip is a new show, Front End Developer episode 5, Using AngularJS to build a Portal with Brian Woodward, length 30:17. I liked this episode. Brian talks about a real-life project and shares his experience on what was... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 14: Socket.IO

Today's tip is JavaScript Jabber episode 122, Socket.IO with Guillermo Rauch, length 48:28.Socket.IO enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication. Guillermo talk about what sockets are and what you can do with Socket.IO. He also talks about the future version 2.0.There was... Continue Reading →

Productivity: Don’t break the chain

When I started my One Hour a Day experiment I knew that it was quite a big project. It takes a lot of focus and disciplin to do something every day for a year. What kept me going was the... Continue Reading →

Podcast Tip 13: Virtual Assistants in Startups

Tip of the day is Startups for the Rest of Us episode 196, How to Use a VA in Your Startup, length 33:05.For most of us the biggest problem is not having enough time to do all we want. One... Continue Reading →

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