Putting together a development team might be harder than the project itself. Today I’ve listened to two shows on the subject.
First it’s .NET Rocks episode 1008, Building Development Teams with Michelle Smith.
Michelle, Carl and Richard talk about their experiences putting together teams, hiring team members and more.

Second show is Startups for the Rest of Us episode 193, Distributed Team Collaboration for Startups.
Rob and Mike discuss five points from the book “Remote: Office not required” from 37 Signals. To me the possibility of working remotely is very important. Today I have a 2 hour commute door to door but I’m lucky at my current project. 1 hour is on the train where I can work and count this into my work day. I can also work from home one day a week, and also any other day if I need to. Working 2 hours per day during my commute and listening to podcasts during the other 2 hours make my commute work just fine.