Today it’s two short shows, first up is Yet Another Podcast episode 126, Mike Bluestein from Xamarin.
Jesse talk to Mike about Xamarin 3 and what’s new. Xamarin Forms are really cool and the thought of reusing maybe up to 98% of your code and publish for Windows Phone, iOS and Android is awesome.
One thing though, Mike talks about hybrid solutions as sub standard and really pushes Xamarin. I can understand this since he work at Xamarin and want and need to push their product but I believe that the best solution is what is best for you and for your project whether that is native with Xamarin, Objective-C and so on or a hybrid solution with HTML5 or a regular Web App. I do agree with Mike though that for the scenarios he mention a native solution would be best.
Jesse also have a great series of post about Xamarin that you should check out.

Next up is a short chat, Herding Code episode 193, Mark Rendle on Zudio, developing with Angular and Typescript, the History of Programming and Simple.Data.
Zudio is a web based tool for managing Azure storage. This is actually a great example of my point above. There was no need for a native app for Zudio since there is no scenario for offline use. If you’re not online you can’t manage your Azure storage.
Mark also talks about Angular, TypeScript, Simple.Web and Simple.Data. There is a lot of great information in this very short show (only 18 minutes).