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July 2014

One hour a day 354: Podcast on Modern App Development

I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 1015, Modern App Development with Rocky Lhotka.Rocky talk about building modern apps today. We have universal apps in Visual Studio, we have Xamarin for cross-platform applications and we have a ton of JavaScript libraries.... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 353: Podcast on ASP.NET vNext

Today I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 1014, ASP.NET vNext with Jeff Fritz.Jeff talk about what it means that ASP.NET is open source and he also goes into the possibilities of bringing .NET to other platforms using OWIN and Katana.... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 352: Podcast on Kotlin and Nitra

Today it's Herding Code episode 194, Hadi Hariri on Kotlin, Nitra and Developing in a Decade.Kotlin is a new programming language designed at JetBrains to serve the needs of their development teams. I've seen it mentioned in some blog posts... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 351: Podcast on Databases

Today I've listened to Coding Blocks episode 14, Databases the SQL [see-kwuhl].This is a long show, 93 minutes, which was the reason I had a short one yesterday.It's the second part of a database discussion, first part is here. It's... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 350: Podcast on Designing for Performance

I've listened to Hanselminutes episode 433, Designing for Performance with Lara Swanson.This is a short show because I have a very long one lined up for tomorrow and I've been sick for the past few days.Scott talk to Lara about... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 349: Podcast on MVVM Light and Xamarin

Today I've listened to Yet Another Podcast episode 127, Laurent Bugnion, Xamarin & MVVM Light.Jesse Liberty talk with Laurent about MVVM Light and how it now works with Xamarin. They also discuss all the new things with Xamarin Forms.

One hour a day 348: Podcast on Telerik and That Conference

Today it's MS Dev Show episode 14, Telerik and That Conference with Clark Sell.Clark talk about his new job at Telerik as Product Manager for the enterprise platform. He is also the founder of That Conference which sounds cool.

One hour a day 347: Podcasts on Visual Studio 14 and WebGL

Two short one today, first up Radio TFS episode 78, Visual Studio 14 CTP 1.A discussion on the features of Visual Studio 14 CTP 1.Second one is Hanselminutes episode 432, Learning WebGL and making 3D HTML Games with David Catuhe... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 346: Podcast on Startups

I've listened to Startups for the Rest of Us episode 189, Founder Hot Seat with Matt from Quote Manager Pro.In this episode Rob and Mike talk to Matt about Quote Manager Pro. He is pre-launch and it's an interesting discussion... Continue Reading →

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