I’ve listened to MS Devshow episode 10, WTH is IoT?
Internet of Things is quite the phenomenon and it might be the hottest thing going on right now. And why not, gadgets are cool, tech is cool and if your gadget can “talk” with the rest of the world how cool is that. Carl and Jason discuss what IoT is and what it could be and also how Windows Azure can help.
I listened to another show on Internet of Things a couple of weeks ago, .NET Rocks on Internet of Things with Clemens Vasters.
I’m just trying to figure out what cool things I should do with my Raspberry PI. Too little time, too many things to do.

On another note I’m now officially on vacation. Five wonderful weeks ahead of me to relax, do some fun coding, fix things around the house and catch some sun. On Wednesday I’m leaving for a week in Croatia. Fortunately I’m about a week ahead on my listening and I’ve scheduled my posts since I don’t know how often I have an internet connection. I have also filled my phone with podcasts to listen to while I’m relaxing on the beach.