I’ve listened to JavaScript Jabber episode 113, Community Dynamics with Reginald Braithwaite.
Nice discussion about the JavaScript community and the evolution of JavaScript. Interesting as usual but the most interesting to me was a short sidetrack on surplus time. I like thinking about stuff like that so now I’m going a bit offtrack myself, I’ve actually thought about writing a blog post on this.
You go to work and get paid what you need to live. The time outside that can be seen as surplus. I read a lot of blog articles regarding productivity and sometimes a post pops up discussing how much time we waste watching TV or things like that. It sounds like we should sleep, eat, work, excercise, be with our family and spend the rest of our time with activities that advance our career. Sounds pretty boring to me and who’s to say what wasting time is?
Reginald mentions playing with nodecopters, playing golf or whatever makes you happy and I totally agree.
I spend some of my surplus time on job related stuff since coding has always been my hobby but other that that I spend it with my family, read, excercise, watch movies and TV series, play golf, travel and have fun.
Your brain and body need rest so whatever you do to get that rest is never a waste of time.
Another aspect is that whatever you do you may come up with great ideas for you work as well. I have a long list of ideas and some are maturing into real projects. Some I’ve come up with at the gym, watching TV, travelling, at work, reading fiction, listening to podcasts, and many other activities.

So, how are you spending your surplus time?