I actually listened to this show this morning but the post wouldn’t have been published until next week since I’m a ahead with my listening. Since the guys mention me (!) on the show I moved my post queue around. Thanks for the shout out! I hope my posts can make it easy for people to find some good shows to listen to. The reasons I’m posting is first of all to remember what I listen to and also to have a good reason not to break the chain of one hour a day. The podcasts will continue even after “one hour a day” is over, but probably not one per day.
This is a “watercooler discussion”, a “fireside chat” moslty around programming languages with great insights, pros and cons and so on. First up JavaScript. I think we all agree that JS is here to stay and a very powerful language no matter what. But there are so many frameworks, new ones coming out every week so it’s hard to know what to choose. I’m looking at AngularJS right now and also some Node.js. However, for me it feels right with a balance between JavaScript on the client and C# on the server side.
Second up is a discussion on what language to start with if you’re new to programming, Java or C#. Good pros and cons from both sides and they also go into Ruby, Go etc. My choice would always be C#. Having open source as an argument for Java don’t fly in my ears. As for free development tools we have Visual Studio Express and as for cross platform we have tools like Xamarin making it possible to use C# for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and OSX. It’s expensive but there’s a free version and also, the cost compared to building your app for three app stores without it makes it cheap. But I’ve never been a fanboy of anything, I use what fits my purpose best.
The guys also discuss wide vs. deep when it comes to knowledge. I’m more wide than deep. I would love to be a renaissance man, there are so many interesting things to learn. Another reason when it comes to development is that the more you know the better solutions you can come up with. So go wide and if you need to or find something extra interesting, go deep.
Ok, so that’s a longer post than usual but since Allen, Joe and Michael mentioned me, and because it’s a great show, I spent some more time on it.