This show made me very happy. Jonathan wrote a great post on what it means to be a junior developer.
His insights are amazing for his young age and everybody should read it and also listen to this podcast. Who among us are really seniors and should we really want that? I’ve been working professionally as a developer for almost 17 years and that would make me a senior for quite a while. I’m often in a senior position but I’ve probably been back to junior ten times since I’m still hungry to learn new things. In our business it’s important to be keep learning and evolving, technology is being developed faster and faster. That’s the whole point of my “one hour a day” experiment.
Remember, we have all been juniors and we will always be junior in some areas. Be humble and respect our young and hungry new developers, you might learn as much from them as they do from you.
Rob and Mike share some good advice on how to build your mailing list.