Very long show today (90m), it’s The Coding Blocks episode 10, C# 6 and Roslyn – Pour Some Sugar On Me.

C# 6 and Roslyn is getting closer with a lot of news. The guys at Coding Blocks goes deep as usual with some great info on what’s coming  in C# 6 and share their own feelings about the new features.

That brings us in the Roslyn, the compiler as a service. Not really sure what to use it for yet but it sounds cool and now it’s open source.

Check out the show notes. Some really good links and a great recap of the features of C# 6.

I even got a mention on the show for sharing the 7 minute recap of the Build keynote. Yes, you said my name right, for an american. 😉

In Swedish it’s different but I won’t even try to write it phoenetically.

Also, I’ll pick Def Leppard over Justin Bieber any day. If you don’t get that reference your probably too young.