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May 2014

One hour a day 293: Podcast on Managing Your Career

Today I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 980,  Managing Your Career with John Sonmez. Very inspirational show about how you can manage your career and make yourself a name in the business.

One hour a day 292: Podcast on Windows Development

Today it's Windows Developer Show episode 156, From a Bunker Within the Mothership. The brother's give feedback, answer questions and have som great advice as usual.

One hour a day 291: Podcast on Dependency Injection in JavaScript

It's JavaScript Jabber episode 109, Dependency Injection in JavaScript with Vojta Jína and Misko Hevery. Vojta and Misko give an introduction to dependency injection and have a great discussion about how it's used in JavaScript.

One hour a day 290: Podcast on Windows App Mistakes and Surface Pro 3

Today I've listened to the MS Dev Show episode 6, Top 10 Windows App Mistakes with Jason Short. Jason give some great advice for developing Windows apps. They also discuss the new Surface Pro 3, developer candy. I really want... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 289: Podcast on Enterprise SharePoint Development

Today it's .NET Rocks episode 986, Enterprise SharePoint Development with Ted Pattison. After the usual SharePoint jokes, a lot of them going around, Ted talk about the evolution and future of SharePoint. I've been working with SharePoint back and fourth... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 288: Podcast on Dart

Today I've listened to The Changelog episode 121, Dart with Lars Bak and Seth Ladd from Google. Lars and Seth talk about the new language from Google, about why it was made and how it excels. It was created for... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 287: Podcast on ClojureScript and Om

I've listened to JavaScript Jabber episode 107, ClojureScript & Om with David Nolen. David is the creator of ClojureScript which is a compiler for turning Clojure into JavaScript. He talks about the reasons behind it, reactive programming and how Clojure... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 286: Podcast on TechEd 2014

Today it's MS Dev Show episode 5, TechEd 2014. A discussion on news from TechEd 2014 from a developer's perspective. 

One hour a day 285: Podcast on Multicultural Phone Games

Today I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 985, Phone Games in China with Jonathan Peppers. Jonathan discovered that his game Draw a Stickman was popular in China, but as a pirated game. He talks about rebuilding it for the Chinese... Continue Reading →

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