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April 2014

One hour a day 253: Podcast on TFS

I've listened to Radio TFS episode 76, Reflections. The team reflects on the news from Build 2014 for example TFS-Git, Visual Studio Online, Professional ALM, upgrading to TFS 2013 and more.

One hour a day 252: Podcast on Microsoft Orleans

I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 969, Microsoft Orleans with Richard Astbury. Orleans is an implementation of the Actor model for C#. Richard and the Rocksters talk about how the Halo 4 servers uses Orleans to keep track of all... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 251: Podcast on the Mobile Development Stack

Today it's .NET Rocks episode 970, The Mobile Development Stack with Burke Holland. Burke bring us some great news from Telerik. KendoUI is now free and open source for a Core version including Kendo UI Mobile. Grid, Scheduler and some... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 250: Podcast on BUILD 2014

I've listened to Windows Developer Show episode 153, Live from BUILD 2014. Great live report from the first day of BUILD 2014. Travis is on location and talks about all the news from Microsoft. If you for some weird reason... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 249: Podcasts on Resiliency and When to Ask for Credit Cards

Two short shows, first it's RunAs Radio episode 363, Resiliency with Michael Nygard. Michael and Richard talk about resilience, how important it is and when the cost is higher than the gain. Second one is Startups for the Rest of... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 248: Podcast on Windows Development

Today I've listened to Windows Developer Show episode 152, I Dream of User Tables. Once again a great show filled with good advice on app development.

One hour a day 247: Podcast on Windows Development

Today it's Windows Developer Show episode 149, Gradient This! I always like this show and it's becoming one of my favorites. The Lowdermilk brothers are fun and entertaining and you always get some great advice. In this episode they talk... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 246: Podcasts on Architecture and WebRTC

Another day with two short shows, first up is Yet Another Podcast episode 123, Ted Neward on Architecture. Jesse Liberty, John Papa and Jon Galloway talks about architecture, AngularJS and more with Ted Neward from Trellis Software. Second up is... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 245: Podcast on Robots

Cool show today, it's JavaScript Jabber episode 103, Robots with Raquel Vélez. During my "One hour a day" I've listened to two previous shows with Raquel Vélez; It was Day 8: Hanselminutes episode 376, A gentle introduction to node.js and... Continue Reading →

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