Today it’s CodingBlocks episode 8, Accessories for Programmers.

In this show the guys geeks out on the stuff around us that make our lives better. They give us their own favorite keyboards, mice, chairs and more. Some really nice stuff in the show links.

My own setup looks like this.

Keyboard: Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Laser . Not the one in the image in the show notes, that’s the Edge. I have used ergonomic keyboards and like them but the reason I chose this one is that the numerical keyboard is separate. I never use the numerical keyboard and it causes my right arm to be to far from the body when using the mouse. Not good for the shoulder. Before I have even been forced to use my left hand for the mouse in periods.

Mouse: Using the ergonomic MX Laser that came with the keyboard. Fits nicely in my hand.

Chair: I’m parking my butt on a HÅG Credo 3200. It’s an ergonomic chair that I got cheap through a friend when the company he worked for went bankrupt. Regular price $1000-$1300 in Sweden, I paid $80. 🙂

Monitor: I’ve used both single and multiple and find that I prefer a large monitor before two smaller ones. Right now I have a 24 inch LG Flatron and it’s time to upgrade to a 30 inch. I don’t have room on my desk for more than one large monitor.

Desk: Simple office desk from IKEA. I don’t have drawers, don’t like them. I have cupboards behind me where I can put all my stuff, but I try not to have too much stuff.

Headphones: When I’m at the gym, out walking or doing stuff at home I use a pair of Philips In-Ear SHE9551. For movies, gaming and situations where I’m not running around I have a pair of the awesome Urbanears Zinken. One important point of both of these is that it doesn’t let sound out. I hate when people are listening to music and everybody around them can hear it. Stop noice pollution!