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April 2014

One hour a day 262: Podcast on Windows Phone 8.1

Today it's Windows Developer Show episode 154, Information Hound. Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview was released at Build and the guys talk about a lot of the new features. I have installed it and it is truly awesome!

One hour a day 261: Podcast on Google Analytics and Azure

I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 972, Google Analytics and Azure with Zoiner Tejada. Zoiner shares his experience in using Google Analytics when instrumenting Azure apps. He talks about using the Analytics APIs and also other ways to connect anything... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 260: Podcast on The Sass Way and Open Publishing

Today I've listened to The Changelog episode 118, The Sass Way and Open Publishing with John Long. Adam and John discuss Sass in general and they also talk about their project The Sass Way and how they use open publishing... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 259: Podcast on Go, Martini and Gophercasts

Today it's The Changelog episode 117, Go, Martini and Gophercasts with Jeremy Saenz. I've listened to a few shows on Go already and since it's popularity seems to grow I picked up this one. Jeremy talks about Go in general... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 258: Podcasts on Open Source, Windows 8.1, LED and Birth and Death of JavaScript

Two shorter shows today but packed with information. First up is Hanselminutes episode 419, Hanselminutiae 13 with Richard Campbell. Richard is a regular guest on Hanselminutes and the guys talk about open source, LED lights, finding airplanes and more. Second... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 257: Podcast on Hypermedia APIs

I've listened to JavaScript Jabber episode 104, Hypermedia APIs with Steve Klabnik. When the JSJ panel discussed JSON APIs they got a lot of comments about getting it wrong so this time they have a talk with Steve about Hypermedia... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 256: Podcast on Prism for WPF and Win 8

Today I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 971, Prism for WPF and Win 8 with Brian Noyes. WPF is alive and doing well even though it was thought to die when Silverlight entered the market. Silverlight came and went and... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 255: Podcasts on Recurring Revenue and SaaS

Another day with two shorter shows. Today it's two Startups for the Rest of Us. First up is episode 177, How RivalFox Launched to $2k in Recurring Revenue. The guys go through a list of activities that RivalFox went through... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 254: Podcast on JavaScript

Today it's JavaScript Jabber episode 100, Centennial Episode Celebration. This show does not go into anything specific, instead the panel talks about previous episodes. For me the Hanselman show was the first I listened to and I think I've listened... Continue Reading →

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