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March 2014

One hour a day 223: Podcast on npm

Today it's JavaScript Jabber episode 99, npm, Inc. with Isaac Schlueter, Laurie Voss and Rob Boothby. Npm is being incorporated and Isaac, Laurie and Rob talks about the reasons why and how the future looks.

One hour a day 222: Podcast on Craftsmanship

I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 958, Are you a Craftsman with Alan Stevens. Great discussion about software craftmanship and the Software Craftmanship Manifesto which Alan does not agree with. I agree with him on the point that what's stated... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 221: Podcasts on Accessibility and Superscribe

Today I have two shorter shows. First an amazing one, it's Hanselminutes episode 413, I'm a Blind Software Technician - Ask Me Anything! with Katherine Moss. Kathrine is blind and a software technician. Can you apprehend how amazing that is?... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 220: Podcast on Biggy

I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 957, Thinking Biggy with Rob Conery. Biggy is a wrapper to Postgres (and SQL Server) for efficient and fast handling of JSON documents. The guys also get into a discussion on NoSQL, graph and... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 219: Podcast on Cross Platform Mobile Development

Today it's The Tablet Show episode 127, Building a Cross Platform Mobile App with Greg Shackles. Greg Shackles shares his experience of building Olo, an online ordering platform for restaurants, and talk about using Xamarin and MvvmCross for cross platform... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 218: Podcast on Modern Apps and ALM

I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 956, Modern Apps and ALM with David Chappell. David talks about how the way we develop software have changed, how application have evolved and about the evolution and importance of Application Lifetime Management.

One hour a day 217: Podcasts on Sharepoint and Startups

Two short shows today and the first one is RunAs Radio episode 358, Sharepoint in the Cloud with Jeremy Thake. Jeremy talks about how the Sharepoint programming model have changed and how to move Sharepoint to the cloud. Second one... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 216: Podcast on F#

Today I've listened to .NET Rocks episode 955, F# Everywhere with Neil Danson. Interesting discussion on F# and some nice stuff on neural networks.

One hour a day 215: Podcast on HTML Input Standards

Today I have The Tablet Show episode 126, HTML Input Standards with Jacob Rossi. Jacob from the Internet Explorer team talks about developing HTML standards. IE has been, and often is, attacked by other browser fan boys but the latest... Continue Reading →

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