I’ve listened to .NET Rocks episode 958, Are you a Craftsman with Alan Stevens.

Great discussion about software craftmanship and the Software Craftmanship Manifesto which Alan does not agree with. I agree with him on the point that what’s stated in the manifesto are just common sense and part of our role as developers. It shouldn’t even need to be a manifesto. I also agree with him that what we do is not really crafts. I don’t see myself as a craftsman. What we deliver in software is often what works and then we improve and improve until we abandon it. It’s not always about “doing it the right way”, it’s about getting it to work in the right way.

The guild model, apprentice, journeyman and master, is mostly long gone. Is it good to use that model for software? I believe not. Considering the pace the technology evolves we are all apprentices. We might be masters in some areas but it’s too vast and change to fast in order to master it all. I see myself as an experienced developer but that doesn’t mean that a young developer right out of school won’t do things better than me.

So, stay humble and keep on learning.