Today it’s two shorter shows, first up Hanselminutes episode 412, Getting Started with JavaScript Unit Testing with Jasmine with Rushaine McBean.

Testing JavaScript have never been easy but with tools like Jasmine we can finally do some good testing. Rushaine share her experience using Jasmine.

Second one is the Software Test Podcast episode 50, Software Testing and Philosophy.

This is a fairly advanced show where Martin Johansen talks about the work he did for his PhD dissertation. I started listening to this while working out but had to restart and listen to it when I was out walking instead, without distractions.

Even though the discussion is interesting I find a bit weird and off when it comes to the philosophy parts. Martin talks about the philosophy behind testing and how it can help to know it. What put me off is that he say that if we believe in a certain philosophy we can plan our testing one way and if we believe in another philosophy we have to plan our testing another way. So there’s my problem, philosophy is belief and we deal in facts. Of course you can take an establish method of testing and trace it back to some philospher’s thoughts.

Martin mentions AI as an example. If we believe in the belief of some philosopher that AI is possible then we can plan our future testing for AI doing true testing. If we believe in another philosopher that don’t think AI is ever possible then we have to think about our testing another way. Hmm, I don’t feel like I have to read up on different philosophies for this. I believe in AI being possible or I don’t and choose the method of testing based on that.

Philosophy might be valid if you’re a person who think about and create new computer science concepts on a very high level but for us grunts who use those concepts in our daily life I’m not so sure. Well, that’s at least my belief, maybe I should write a book and call myself a philosopher. 😉