Trying out a new show today, it’s Distributed Podcast episode 14, #Go Accident.

This is the first show from Distributed Podcast since August 2012. I’m always willing to give other shows a chance. This is a pretty long show, 91 minutes, so tomorrow will be a shorter one.

This one is a discussion on software design with Jonathan Oliver and Rinat Abdullin. It’s in depth, great real life examples, very technical and very interesting. When there’s a new show from Distributed Podcast I’ll probably listen to it as well.

I don’t agree with the statements to switch from .NET and SQL Server to handle the load though. There are huge .NET/SQL Server applications out there with great performance. He also states that he was bored with C# and I think that is the main reason for switching to Linux and Go. This seems to be pretty typical for developers. We want to create, learn, feel like we’re on the edge. C# is stable and mature and “done” and can be used to build amazing applications, but many developers get bored. We want to check out the new shiny objects.

When it comes to the different stacks that are out there my belief is that it’s often about using them the right way, but of course some tech works better for specific things so we can’t always go with what we’re comfortable with or new things because we’re bored.