Today is my birthday and I know I won’t have time to listen to anything so I got a little ahead in order not to break the chain. 🙂

It’s two shows from Startups for the Rest of Us. First up is episode 170, Strategies for Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome.

This show was very good for me. Not that I don’t know the strategies already but it’s good to hear them repeated once in awhile. I’m always having problem avoiding shiny objects. I always want to learn the latest tech. Maybe I should work as an evangelist spreading the word of all the latest things. Hmm, maybe I should have applied for that job as a Microsoft Technical Evangelist in Stockholm that was posted last month.

Or maybe I should just focus and plan my time a little better so I can both get things done and check out the new shiny stuff.

Second one is episode 169, Getting Testimonials, Getting Inspired and Competing on Price.

In this episode Rob and Mike share ideas on how to get testimonials for your product, getting your inspiration back and also how to compete with the pricing of your product.