Another day with two shorter shows, first Hanselminutes episode 404, iOS Developer and Professional Model Lyndsey Scott.

This is a very interesting show. It’s a little about iOS development but also about Lyndsey who is not only a software engineer but works as a professional model. That’s not what we’re used to in our nerdy little world. It’s very inspiring to listen to her talk about her experiences both in programming, modeling and life.

Second one is a new show for me. It’s Startups for the Rest of Us episode 161, 6 Steps for Building an Effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Right before the new year I listened to Windows Developer Show. Rob Walling, author of Start Small, Stay Small (great book by the way), talked about startups. I also found out that he has a podcast and I’ve downloaded a couple of episodes from his archive. 

This one is about content marketing and have some great advice on how to succeed, or at least improve your chance of success.