Today I have two shorter shows. First up is RunAs Radio episode 344, SQL Server 2014 with Kevin Kline.

The guys discuss some of the new features in SQL Server 2014 but also how easy it is to run database servers in Azure and how companies can improve their infrastructure that way to a relative low cost.

Second show of the day is The Tablet Show episode 112, The Magic of Modern Apps with Aaron Bockover.

Aaron works at Rdio and this talk uses their application as a good example of modern apps. With Rdio, a music streaming service like Spotify or Pandora, you can listen to music at your desktop and then pick up your mobile phone and continue listening from the same place.

Another example they mention is Kindle where you read your book and when you log in on another Kindle, or get a new one, you can continue from the exact same place.

Here in Sweden we have another example with Storytel. It’s like Spotify for audio books. Now they are also starting with ebooks and you can for example read you ebook and then go for a walk listening to the audio book from the same place where you stopped reading.

That’s the magic of modern apps.