Yesterday was day, or hour, 100 so today it feels a little like starting phase 2. I found a show that feels like a good kick off for that phase. It’s Hanselminutes episode 397, PANEL: What do Web Developers need to know in 2014 – Hanselman, Crockford, Papa, Jacobs.

I’ve been learning so much about new technology but what do we as developers really need to know? Scott leads a live panel with Douglas Crockford, John Papa, Denise Jacobs and Michele Bustamente. The discussion starts a little about emerging technology but then goes into the importance of finding balance. First of all balance in the tech you use. Don’t use all shiny things because they are new. Second the balance between server and client responsibility. We used to do everything on the server and see the client as a terminal. Now we often put all in the client and treat the server as a file manager. Both approaches are terrible so try to find a middle point where both the server and client are used optimally.