Today is a big milestone, 100 “One hour a day” and it feels amazing. I have learned so much during these 100 days and is motivated and hungry for more.


Since it’s number 100 I’m going a little off topic. .NET Rocks is one of my favorite shows and episode 916 is Barbeque Geek Out with Ronnie Shewchuk.

It’s Fall and the Summer is behind us. Summers in Sweden is beautiful and I love to BBQ in my garden so this show was a real treat even if it’s not about anything IT.

In this show Carl and Richard talk to Ronnie Shewchuck who is a cook book writer. They talk about all things BBQ, history, the different kinds of BBQ in the USA, the chemistry and a lot about equipment. If you like BBQ this show will blow you away.
Now I have to get some more Geek Out shows from .NET Rocks and some BBQ show from Ronnie.

Wow, 100 days! So much information, so many cool things and more to come. 

What else has happened during these 100 days?

  • I’ve listened to 116 shows
  • I’ve written 104 blog posts.
  • My blog now have 6.5 visits and 5 unique visitors per day with an average of 1.56 pages per visit. This is not very much but before it was less than 1.
  • I have 30 new followers on Twitter, lots of retweets and favorites.
  • My Klout score is up from 47 to 53.
  • I have 5 to 10 visitors per day on my LinkedIn page.

The shows I’ve been listening to are:

27 .NET Rocks
22 Hanselminutes
13 Herding Code
12 Yet Another Podcast
11 JavaScript Jabber
7 PowerScripting Podcast
6 The Tablet Show
5 RunAs Radio
3 The ChangeLog
3 Software-Engineering Radio
2 Channel 9
1 Radio TFS
1 NodeUp
1 WebDevRadio
1 Deep Fried Bytes
1 Stack Exchange Podcast

I’m very pleased with this for the first 100 days and I’m very excited to see what the following 265 days will result in.