I use Evernote for notes and collecting information but sometimes nothing beats a classic notebook.

I like notebooks, I have since I was a kid. In school we had these orange notebooks, ruled for writing and squared for math. I always had some extra if I could and used them for writing stuff when playing role-playing games like the Swedish version of Dungeons and Dragons and things like that. I might actually have some unused in a box in the attic.

I buy more notebooks than I use and I use them less than I should, but I’m working on that.

There’s a nice feeling with a high quality notebook and Moleskine in different sizes have been my choice for the past years.
I have a 9×14 cm Classic in my bag, mostly writing ideas for applications and software solutions. I have a 13×21 cm Classic on my desk or my night stand for writing anything that comes into mind. I also have a 9×14 cm Reporter Notebook in my camera bag for when I go on photo excursions, which I don’t really do yet.

In September this year I went to the Gothenburg Book Fair. Last year I bought a stack of Moleskine notebooks there for a very good price. This year I found Leuchtturm 1917 and the quality felt really great so I bought two 14,5×21 cm and a 9×15 cm to try them out.
I like plain paper but Leuchtturm have very discreet markings so one of the large ones have lines and the other two have dots, instead of squares.

When comparing Moleskine and Leuchtturm I must say that Leuchtturm comes out on top. Of course this is a personal choice.

The paper is thicker and have a nicer feel. The lines are discreet and there are some very neat features with the Leuchtturm:

  • There’s a penholder you can buy and attach to the notebook. For Moleskine I had to create my own.
  • There are content pages in the beginning of the notebook.
  • The pages have date on top and paging on the bottom.
  • You get stickers to put both on the cover and the spine.
  • There are more pages, 249 instead of 192. (Haven’t compared all models).
  • It’s about the same price but the Leuchtturm is a little cheaper.

So for now my choice have changed from Moleskine to Leuchtturm. I do have some Moleskine that I haven’t used yet and of course I will use those as well.

When using notebooks you also need good pens. I’ve been using Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 Grip and I like it a lot. It have a nice thin point but I do find it to bleed through sometimes. Maybe the Moleskine paper is to thin. I haven’t tried it on the Leuchtturm yet.

I have heard a lot about Sharpie so this summer when I was in the USA on vacation I bought some in different sizes. They are also really nice, both with thin points and thicker.

Of course, you can by notebooks and pens a lot cheaper, probably four for the same price as one of these, but it is something special with a high quality notebook. 

Yeah, I know, I’m such a nerd, both digital and analog.