Today I listened to Hanselminutes episode 365, PhoneGap/Cordova – Is HTML a reasonable app solution? With Steve Sanderson.

Steve Sanderson is the creator of Knockout and here he also discuss how he’s been building mobile apps using his HTML skills, frameworks and tools with PhoneGap/Cordova. The guys also discuss what kind of apps that HTML is a good solution for and what kind of backend services that might be needed.

I also listened to Yet Another Podcast episode 111, Lance Bullock on Xamarin.

You might have noticed that I’m listening to a lot of mobile dev podcasts and here’s another about Xamarin. Lance and Jesse dives into Xamarin and building cross platform mobile apps.

The reason my interest is in mobile development right now is that I’m starting to work on my first Windows Phone app. I’m very excited, finally had a good idea!