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October 2013

One hour a day 64: Podcast on Occasionally Connected Software

Today it's The Tablet Show episode 102, Occasionally Connected Software with Michael Perry. This is a show that you should really listen to if you're building mobile apps. Michael have some great advice and recommendations on how to handle apps that... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 63: Podcast on Robots, node.js and Semantic UI

Going back to node for a bit with HanselMinutes episode 391, Controlling Robots with node.js and Johnny-Five with Raquel Vélez. Robots are cool, and controlling them with node.js sounds very cool and Raquel make it sound so easy with Continue Reading →

One hour a day 62: Podcast on Physical Database Design

This time it's .NET Rocks episode 913, Physical Database Design with Kim Tripp. This is a little follow-up on the podcast on next generation storage I listened to a couple of days ago. The discussion actually starts where that one... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 61: Podcast on Async, Parallelism and Learning

After yesterdays podcast on Async and Parallelism I wanted to hear more so I'm listened to .NET Rocks episode 881, Async, Parallelism and Learning with Jon Skeet at NDC. Nice to hear a little more about Async and Parallelism one... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 60: Podcast on Async and Parallelism

With .NET 4.5 there's a lot of talk about Async so I'm going back to .NET Rocks episode 785, Lucian Wischik Enlightens Us on Async and Parallelism. After listening to Katleen Dollard the other day I wanted to hear more... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 59: Podcast on next generation storage

Taking a round in hardware with RunAs Radio episode 336, Next Generation Storage with Stephen Foskett. This is a talk about something I don't know anything about. Before I listened to it I didn't know what NFS, SMB3 and SIPS... Continue Reading →

Kanban for business process change

A couple of weeks ago I went to two seminars with Håkan Forss at Avega Group Elevate about Kanban for business process change. Tuesday night we spent a couple of hours playing the Kanban Pizza Game. It's a simulation for... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 58: Podcast on Chocolatey and Puppet

I've seen some tweets and blog post mentioning Chocolatey and Puppet and then this podcast popped up. It's PowerScripting Podcast episode 243, Rob Reynolds on Puppet and Chocolatey. Some days I feel that I'm all over the place and you... Continue Reading →

One hour a day 57: Podcast on Mob Programming

This is a cool one, it's .NET Rocks episode 912, Mob Programming with the MobProgramming Team. So you've heard about Pair Programming? It's when two developer's work together. One is coding and the other one say what to code. Mob... Continue Reading →

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