Another day with a double shot’o’casts. First up is Radio TFS episode 69, TFS 2013 is HERE.

Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013 has been released and with that a lot of new features. Martin and Greg talk about new features and how we can work with the 2013 editions.

Second of the day is Hanselminutes episode 394, Demystifying Scala with Netflix’s Dianne Marsh.

Scala is one of those languages that most developer’s think that is just for scientists. It’s a complex functional language and just as Groovy LINK it runs on JVM and it sounds like you can write regular Java in the Scala compiler.

Scott and Dianne also talks about the difference between, as Scott names them, Dark Matter Developers and those who really love Computer Science and never really stop working. Dark Matter Developers only work with one thing, for example Java. They feel no need to learn something else since they have a job and keep on working. But then one day the language they are working with might disappear and then they are out of a job. That’s the time when they learn something new to get a job and do the same mistake again.

The other type of developers, me included, always look at new things. We want to improve, learn new things and when we go home from work we still work in our minds. I don’t know how many times I’ve left work stuck on something and when I wake up the next morning I have the solution.

Learning other programming languages are important. You don’t have to be able to write poetry with them, as Scott calls it, but understand some fundamental things. There are many positive things with this. For one you have a larger job market or a good foundation if you want to be a systems or solution architect instead. Other gains are that you may find better ways of solving problems. If you’re a C# developer and look at Scala, F#, Ruby or anything else, certain problems might be solved in other ways then what you’re used to in C#. Taking that knowledge to C# might improve the way you write your code.

Keep on learning!